Steps to Reduce EMF/EMR in your Home


The world and technology is moving so fast that our health guidelines and regulators (ARPANSA – the Australian Governments primary authority on radiation protection and nuclear safety) are quite simply, not keeping up. (Did you know that there are no Standards as such, only Guidelines?) These guidelines are not only outdated and suggest unrealistic ‘safe levels’, but as there is so much misinformation out there, a lot of us are left confused about what is safe and what is not.  

Europe is far ahead of Australia in recognising and protecting its people against what is called “electrosmog”. So while we wait for Australia to catch up or for Australians feel the ill effect pushing Australian Government into action, or at least applying the ‘precautionary principle’, there are things YOU CAN DO to keep you and your family as safe in your own environment. 

Below is a starting point: 

– Many phones emit a higher burst of radiation when the call is trying to connect, when it is ringing; it takes much more power to establish a call than it does maintain it. So, whether you are making a phone call, or answering one, wait about a second after connecting before you put the phone to your ear. 

– Get rid of the awful Airpods/Bluetooth that push radiation even closer to your brain. Look at AirTubesFirstly, they do not heat the tissue on the head and secondly, sound is piped to the ear so the microwave signal is not sent to the inner ear. 

– Instead of holding your phone up to your ear when talking, use the speakerphone or use the AirTubes mentioned above.  

– Put you phone to airplane mode if you use your phone as an alarm, or simply don’t have in your room at all. 

– Keep your phone off your body. Whether it is your pocket, your bra or anywhere else on your body. If that is too hard, put on airplane mode – download that podcast or album and play it while in airplane mode. 

– Replace wireless/Bluetooth devices with cabled versions; keyboard, mice. 

– Shut off your TV and computer at night. 

– Put your WiFi modem on a timer so it’s OFF at night. 

– If you have a SMART meter, ask your supplier to swap over to analogue. SMART meters ping back information about your electricity use. This is unnecessary and in doing so, emit large amounts of EMF radiation into your home. 

– Does your bed share a wall with the meter box? If so, move bed to another wall. 

– Avoid having your bed share a wall with a refrigerator or oven.  

– Do not use electric blankets. 

– If you have an old digital alarm clock, move it to the other side of your bedside table – distance is key. 

– As tempting as it is with the iPad baby sitter, keep your WiFi devices away for your kids: “When electrical properties are considered,  a child’s head’s absorption can be over two times greater, and absorption of the skull’s bone marrow can be ten times greater than adults” See study here

If you want to entertain them, download the movie and allow them to watch in airplane mode OR “Screen Mirroring” onto the big screen instead of having them sit over a small screen with iPad on their lap. Distance is key. If they have to watch on the iPad, put it on a table. Do not have in lap against the body.  

– Do not scroll through your phone balancing it on your pregnant belly – not only miscarriage risk, but also long term behavioural affects on children. See study here and here

– Be smart about the devices your bring into your home. Do you really need a smart fridge or smart microwave? 

– Unplug the devices you are not using. 

– Get rid of compact fluros and change lights to LED. 

There are many products marketed to neutralize, absorb or harmonise EMFs; Crystals, stones, Q-links, ShungiteOrgonite, scalar technology, even phone and iPad cases that 100% stop the radiation. From our experience, having tried many of these, nothing provides 100% protection. Best sort of protection is habit change.  

This world is fast moving and we have to be smart. Electrix all Blew are not only experienced in rectifying EMR and EMFs in homes and offices, but we believe in enabling and educating so you can help yourself. The above are some strategies/habits that YOU can take on board straight away. Some issues found in homes however, might require the experts being called in, however the above is a start you can action straight away. 

Do all electricians know about and can fix EMF issues? Unfortunately no. We are finding more and more EMF rectification is a specialised field. 

Having Electrix all Blew check the EMF levels in your homes gives you peace of mind. If we do find issues, we can rectify as well as provide reassuring strategies that will serve to educate on best practices to living with this new technology. 

Be aware. Be smart. Be safe.  

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